2018 was our busiest year to date with 20 schools and groups visiting and more than 1300 different children attending sessions.

We are keen to build on the success of 2018 and have opened bookings for the spring and summer term. Email education@selbornesociety.org.uk to enquire or book sessions for 2019.

2018 finished on a high with a visit from Oldfield Primary School. It was their first visit to Perivale Wood and they had a wonderful time.

Their feedback is indicitative of the response we’ve had to our education programme over the last 12 months….

Amazing day, even on a cold winter’s morning. It was a great opportunity for the children to
experience nature and learn about environmental issues such as the preservation of trees and
how to respect the reserve, as well as survival team building skills.
Team building was amazing. The children learnt the survival strategy of knowing where and
how to build a shelter. They had to work in small teams to find the resources and problem
solve together to use the equipment to make a secure shelter.
Lunch around the campfire was a great finish to the half day visit and time to reflect on the
nature, the experience of working together and discuss environmental issues such as recycling
and food packaging.
Gill, the group leader was excellent with the children, she found subtle ways to make them use
all their senses to explore every element of the historic reserve, whilst understanding
environmental factors and the impact our actions/ decisions have in the world we live.
An excellent half day visit- would really enjoy a full day trip in the future. I wish I had organized
trips to Perivale woods before, there are so many cross curricular opportunities on our

Best wishes everyone for 2019

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