About Us

Perivale Wood is a Local Nature Reserve in Ealing, West London. It is 27 acres in size, which is mainly ancient oak woodland, with coppiced hazel and swathes of bluebells in the spring. It also has two meadows (5 acres), which are dominated by buttercup and yellow rattle in early summer. Other habitats found within the reserve include hedgerows and ponds, one of which is right next to the Bluebell Education Centre.

Perivale Wood is owned and managed by the Selborne Society. The Selborne Society was founded in 1885 to commemorate the eighteenth-century naturalist Gilbert White of Selborne in Hampshire. It was originally a national organisation, founded to continue the traditions of this pioneer of environmental study.

Today’s Selborne Society continues the work of its founders, observing and recording wildlife in part of west London and managing and conserving Perivale Wood Local Nature Reserve as the Gilbert White Memorial.